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Lead your Team and Live your Life at the Platinum Level!


Level up!


Are you an Information Technology Executive looking to get ahead at work?

Are you overwhelmed with demands on your time and barely holding it all together?

Are you stuck in a rut and need help getting out?

Do you want your IT Team to work better together and achieve more success? 

I can help!

I am a Certified Executive Coach with a passion for helping Technology Managers, Leaders, and Executives tap into the greatness that exists within themselves to lead their teams at their full potential and live their lives intentionally and unapologetically. I love seeing leaders LEVEL UP and be the leader and person they always wanted to be!

I love technology and love seeing Information Technology teams succeed! As an Executive Coach and Leadership Advisor, I can help you and your team navigate the high-pressure demands of working in a for-profit company, regardless of size or location. 

It is commonly said that in an IT team, the three most important areas are:

 People, Process, and Technology, that order!

Let me help you with the People challenges affecting you and your team, and you can benefit by seeing your performance and your team's performance sky rocket to the Platinum Level!

Some of the areas in which I can help

  • A behavior issue is getting in the way of you or your team from being successful

  • You are having a hard time managing your time and priorities and always feel overwhelmed

  • You are struggling with communication issues with your team or others in your company

  • Maintaining positive, healthy relationships is a challenge for you

  • You're not able to influence decision making the way you think you should across the organization

  • Conflict or dysfunction is causing havoc within your team

  • You need help putting together a comprehensive Strategic Plan

  • You have a good team, but you'd like them to be a GREAT team

Why work with Me

I speak the language of i.t.

I know first-hand the pressures you are under as an executive-level Information Technology leader and the mindset required to get results out of those you are leading. I’ve earned my stripes and my scars in the trenches of genuine leadership with roles in Application Development, Infrastructure and Operations, and Project Management, and I know the context and the challenges facing you every day.

You'll benefit from over 27 years of high-stakes leadership.

I’ve led big teams and small teams to great successes as well as embarrassing failures, and I can truly empathize with you and can walk beside you as you start your journey of transformational change for yourself and your teams. My background includes many years achieving excellence and delivering top-notch customer service with organizations that are best in the world at what they do. This forged in me a deep understanding of excellence and service. You will see this first-hand in every interaction with me. 

my coaching model and framework are custom-fit for you.

My Coaching Model leverages the benefits of the agile development methodology. Using this model, I will learn as much as I can about your situation and work with you to craft the best solutions to deliver optimal results. I am trained in both Life Coaching and Executive Coaching disciplines, and I combine my proprietary Comprehensive Coaching Framework with a massive library of proven tools to serve your needs.

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what I do

I help Technology Managers, Leaders, Executives, and teams be better versions of themselves by leading them through transformational changes so they can lead powerfully and live purposefully!