comprehensive coaching framework

Platinum Level Leadership's Comprehensive Coaching Framework takes into account the WHOLE PERSON when defining success. A Platinum Level Leader understands that success starts with Healthy Foundations. Building on healthy habits, Understanding Values and Leveraging Strengths allow a successful leader to have a stable foundation to Demonstrate Effective Behaviors and Maintain Healthy Relationships. Achieving success with each of these layers of a Platinum Level Leader's competencies, the leader is equipped to Lead a Platinum Team!

We offer full-spectrum coaching to help you in each of these layers. With assessments, toolkits, and powerful coaching, we can help you build and maintain lasting effective change!

Lead a Platinum Team! - The culmination of the Platinum Level Leadership Comprehensive Coaching Framework is leading a team that is effectively operating at the Platinum Level!


Level Up Your Leadership - Everyone is a leader and can improve influence and skills

Maintain Healthy Relationships - Everything in life comes down to people! Healthy relationships are critical for success

Demonstrate Effective Behaviors - The key to Executive Presence and Emotional Intelligence is choosing the right behaviors

Leverage Your Strengths - Letting your strengths shine can be fulfilling for you and valuable to your organization

Understand Your Values - Your values are the key to what is most important in your life and drives your decisions and priorities

Strengthen Your Personal Foundation - The foundation of any successful leader is a healthy lifestyle and positive outlook

about coaching

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A Leader walks in front of you and tells you where to go and how to get there

A Management/Leadership Consultant walks besides you and tells you where to go and how to get there

A Mentor walks besides you and gives advice based on experience on where to go and how to get there

A Friend walks besides you and encourages you on wherever you’re going

A Coach:

  • Helps you define where you want to go based on the illumination of your values and true desires

  • Helps you find and build your own path

  • Holds you accountable to your goals and vision

  • Encourages you as an absolute advocate every step of the way

Coaches are experts in the art of purposeful conversation.
coaching versus consulting

Executive coaching is similar to consulting in many ways, but there are some key differences. Consulting is done by subject matter experts who are engaged to deliver technical solutions, advice, or professional opinions. Coaches are experts in purposeful conversation and help clients determine their own path to success.

Coaching versus Therapy

Executive coaching borrows a great deal from the discipline of therapy, but is decidedly different. While therapy and coaching address similar issues, therapy focuses on the past, coaching focuses on the present and the future. Coaching also places an emphasis on personal accountability.


Credit: Diane Coutu and Carol Kauffman, Harvard Business Review, JAN 2009