my agile coaching model


Any IT Executive who has properly integrated agile processes and tenants into a project delivery knows... it works! I've seen the benefits agile models can bring, so it was very natural for me to translate this to a Coaching Model.


This model, proven successful in multiple engagements, starts with a thorough understanding of the definition of success followed by a thorough assessment of our starting point. Follow that, we engage in a laser-focus on Most Valuable Results through a rapid design, develop, test and implementation cycle that centers on feedback. When the time is right, we re-assess to confirm we've met our definition of success, and then we celebrate!

PLL Coaching Model template 2020-12-11 1
we start with discovery

As we start our engagement, we'll be very clear on what success looks like. What kind of behaviors do you want your team to demonstrate? What would that look like? What results do you want to get from your team that you're not getting? What would that mean for your company's bottom line? As a key part of this, I'll hone in on understanding the pain. What specifically is holding you or your team back? What is the dysfunction that you experience with your team?

next we assess

Once we understand our vision and our definition of success, we'll do a thorough assessment of our starting point. Depending on your situation, this may be a series of interviews with specific team members and stakeholders, one or more 360-review assessments, one of Wiley's Everything DISC assessments, or another similar industry-standard and proven assessment tool. A frank and transparent read-out to everyone involved sets up the next phase.

then we iterate in rapid delivery sprints

Now comes the real magic! I'll work with you and your team through a series of delivery sprints, in which we design, develop, test, and implement solutions that are focused on the Most Valuable Results that will lead us to success. All of this is centered on a critical part of each sprint: Feedback.

Design: Based on the assessments and the results of previous sprints, I'll work with you to design the behaviors, habits, relationships, mind-sets, etc that are the most valuable results FOR YOU.

Develop: Once we agree on what the results need to look like, we'll work together to develop the specific actions that will yield the valuable results.

Test: The only way to achieve the results will be if the action plan will work. In our sessions, we'll test out the actions against the most likely "what-ifs" that you'll encounter.

Implement: We won't just talk about what right looks like... we'll make accountability agreements to ensue the action plans are implemented. 

Feedback: Here's the good part... we know we won't achieve 100% success the first time. And probably not the second. For the kind of powerful, high-value results we're looking for, it's going to take multiple attempts of trying, failing, and adjusting. When shooting for the PLATINUM LEVEL, failing is a part of the journey! The extremely valuable part is receiving honest, clear, objective, and actionable feedback. This is a critical part of the process!

when the time is right, we'll re-assess

After multiple sprints and lots of hard work, when we agree that success appears imminent, we'll do a re-assessment. Depending on the situation, we may do another round of formal assessments, or we may do a series of stakeholder interviews. Either way, we'll have a quantifiable way to validate that we've achieved the success we agreed on at the beginning of the engagement.

then we celebrate!

Acknowledging and celebrating your success is part of the process! Not just at the end, but throughout the entire process, we'll take the time to appreciate and celebrate your progress and your attainment of your LEVELING UP as a leader and executive!