lead a platinum team!

Even the best leader can be ineffective if the team being led isn't able to act a a team. The synergies that can occur with a highly functioning team can be amazing to witness, and the damaging effects of a dysfunctional team can be painful to everyone around. Is your team acting with trust and respect? Are your team members bought in to the vision for success? In what ways is dysfunction creeping into your team dynamics?

Are you experiencing any of these situations?

  • You have great people on your team, but your team is dysfunctional

  • Your team is good, but you want it to be great

  • Your team is not engaged

  • You have a high potential leader on your team who needs some rounding out to grow as an executive

  • You have a leader on your team who could be successful, but is struggling due to a “soft skills” issue

  • You want to figure out how to get more out of your team

  • Your team needs to be better at collaboration

  • Your team needs to be more engaged

  • Your team needs to improve at handling conflict

  • A leader on your team has a blind spot behavior issue that (s)he is unable or unwilling to see

  • Your team isn’t inspired

  • Your team isn’t focused

  • There’s too much in-fighting on your team

  • Your team isn’t delivering results in the way you want them to

  • Your trust is being eroded

I can help!

The focus of my team coaching practice is a specialty engagement that should be incorporated with individual executive coaching, but can also be a stand-alone program. Leveling a team up to the Platinum Level can be a massive game changer in benefits to an organization. Let me help you!

Outcomes and Benefits

Working with me as your coach, you can see several benefits:

  • Explosive improvements in profitability

  • Sky-high morale and near-zero turn-over

  • Industry-leading innovation

  • True freedom and flexibility 

  • Greater positive impact on the world!